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ANDY WALMSLEY has designed many Broadway and West End Theater musicals including Blood Brothers and Buddy the Buddy Holly Story. When Buddy opened, Andy was 21 the youngest designer ever to work in the West End - 'Buddy' ran in London for 13 years and soon became an international hit with a total of 22 duplicate versions running world wide. The show opened in New York and Andy became the youngest designer to work on Broadway.

Andy designed Two of the ten longest running musicals in West End history. Andy has designed many of the biggest shows in the history of Television including : American Idol, So you think you can dance, Americas got talent, The Biggest Loser The Emmys, Who wants to be a Millionaire. The set for 'Millionaire' has been copied to the last detail identically in 108 countries and is the most duplicated scenic design in history. Oscar winning  smash movie SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE heavily features Andy's set and was nominated for ten Academy awards. Andy designed American Idol in the States and internationally in over 50 countries receiving 3 Emmy nominations and an Emmy win for ‘ outstanding art direction ‘.

Andy has designed for Theater, Circus, Architecture, Cruise ships, Television, Las Vegas spectaculars and corporate.

Andy Walmsley
(Scenic Designer)

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